We realize that many types of businesses and professionals will visit our website and after learning about our services they will have various questions. Our team compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will address many common operational and business concerns.

Please feel free to explore the FAQs below as they will help you deciding about the ways of growing your business.

How is cleaning performed?

Common areas are cleaned regularly.  You are only responsible for your own office.

Washrooms are cleaned daily.

Why NO leases?

This is for the benefit of the Tenants Only. Stay as long as you want but for any reason you have to move, there is no obligation and you are not stuck.

Where is the exact address of the office?

3950 14th Avenue, Markham, Ontario, L3R 0A9

Second Floor, Suites: 205 and 206.

Can I have lunch in the office?

Sure you can. The office is equipped with a kitchenette. It includes a large fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, a teapot, a toaster and a water sink with hot and cold running water.

Is there a parking lot?

Each of our offices have access to a large parking area enclosed to the office building. Your staff and clients can park their cars close to the building and will not look for parking spots in the neighborhood. This might be priceless when inviting your clients to your office.

What are the working hours of the office?

Our office is available 24/7 to your business needs. We realize that there are business with different working schedules and as such we accommodate all working hours alternatives.

How about Safety and Security?

The building is locked after 8pm and on weekends.  Access is granted using a FOB.

– Your Office is always locked – access with a key. Only you have access to your office.

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  • We need to meet many clients during the day, especially during the season of filing the taxes. The boardroom has been indispensable in our business and we are happy that it is included in our rent price. Moreover, we can offer our clients tea or coffee which is also easy to make in the kitchen.

    Alfa Beta
    Alfa BetaDirector
  • Smart Office Solutions are indeed the smartest investments in terms of office space. We have 24/7 access to the offices. Our staff can park their cars at no cost and there is always sufficient spaces for other cars, so you don't need to worry that your clients will not find a parking spot.

    Jennifer Lynch
    Jennifer LynchLynch & Associates - President
  • Our company has rented several offices during 2014 and 2015 with Smart Office Solutions. The offices have it all, from the premium furniture to the complimentary internet, unlimited access to the boardroom and the kitchen. I have always been confident to invite my clients to the office.  

    Vitalie Ciupac
    Vitalie CiupacVitallius MEDIA - Senior Marketing Manager

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